Localization requires a careful linguistic and cultural adaptation of the source text into the target text. Our team will customize your product or written material to a specific foreign market, making it locally and culturally acceptable to your target audience by taking into account style expectations, market demands and technical standards, as well as the needs, characteristics, values and mentality of each nationality.

The localization process should integrate technology and language, producing material that is both culturally and linguistically acceptable for the intended market. Localization is more than mere translation. It integrates graphics, images, symbols, currency and measurement conversions, among others, which are essential in conveying the cultural and substantive meaning of the intended message.

Software Localization

Whether it’s a game, a program or an application, localization is essential when preparing a software product for other locales. It ensures that everything, from the date, time, numbers and currency to cultural preferences about content is properly represented. Software localization can be necessary too when launching a product in countries that share the same language, or in nations with more than one official language.

In addition to linguistic and cultural adaptation, software localization also comprises a technical aspect – that is, engineering, testing and quality assessment to ensure features are customized and the localized product works bug-free. The software localization process requires meticulous attention to detail, commitment, in-depth language knowledge and technical expertise.

Website Localization

We know the importance of using the Internet as a means of communicating with potential and existing customers across the globe. A localized website can help you expand to other markets, reach new customers and gain market share.

A properly localized website can be an important part of a business, generating revenues and offering an avenue for promotion. A website is an easy means of accessing information about your company or organization, and it can contribute to the growth of a multilingual audience.

Website localization is a multi-layered process that requires programming expertise as well as linguistic and cultural knowledge. iWorld’s Web localization services ensure that you cover broad markets while conveying a message of cultural awareness.
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