Localization Testing and QA services

Linguistic and localization testing are essential steps of the localization process. The identification and elimination of bugs at an early stage are critical to the success of any localization project. Our team can assist you in the development of a successful multilingual project by testing the user interface (UI) and detecting and correcting glitches in the application.

Our testers are experienced and will ensure the functionality and accessibility of your web page, application or product.

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic verification testing is done after the source text has been translated. One of our testers will compare the translated text against the source language application to ensure that the target language application matches the original format.

Linguistic testing is performed by native-level linguists who review for overall quality and completeness of the translation.

In particular, testers will pay careful attention to the following issues: Linguistic accuracy, spelling, typos, grammar, terminology, cultural appropriateness, consistency, trademark and branding, among others.

Localization Testing

Localization testing occurs once the translation has been re-integrated into the user interface. A bi-lingual tester will review the product and look for defects that may have been introduced as a result of the engineering process.

The testers will review and provide reports and screenshots identifying the following issues: Linguistic issues, line breaks, truncation, fonts, formatting, consistency, functionality, among others.